Forest Rope Park Olsztyn

Our Park is located in the Municipal Forest right next to the Forest Stadium. The unique location, wonderful microclimate and over 100-year-old forest attract many city residents and tourists. The park borders the oldest athletics stadium, one of the few in Poland, located in a forest, founded in 1920. The world record was broken on the facility twice. This happened for the first time in the interwar period. The world record in the shot put was set by Helut Hirschfeld on August 5, 1960, during the Polish athletics championships, with a result of 17.03 m. The world record in the triple jump was set by Józef Szmidt. in 1970 an athletics match between Poland and Switzerland was played here

Routes of the Forest Rope Park

The Forest Rope Park includes four routes:
  • easy – for children,
  • medium – for young people,
  • difficult – due to the height of insurance, recommended for taller people, new extreme route.

Route Details

The Forest Rope Park includes four routes, which are divided into smaller ones:

  • a route for children consisting of 18 obstacles
  • routes for teenagers and adults consisting of 24 obstacles (including entering and descending the track)
  • a difficult route for adults consisting of 25 obstacles (including entering and descending the track)
  • downhill route over the Leśny Stadium consisting of 4 obstacles and two Tyrolean descents with a length of 333m
  • two training routes accessible from the ground.
  • extreme route consisting of 16 obstacles
  • downhill route over road 123m


We have a Safe Park Certificate. We have professional climbing equipment for belaying from the French company PETZL We have a professionally trained team of instructors-rescuers who will show you how to complete the routes. If necessary, they will bring you safely to the ground